On May 8, the Yellow Springs community will vote on a ballot issue to fund a facilities plan for grades 7-12 developed through extensive collaboration with staff, parents, and community members.

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Facilities Plan

The onset of several costly repairs over the last couple of years brought a renewed and urgent focus to the need to address our aging school facilities. Yellow Springs High School was built in 1963. The trailer classrooms (AKA “the shoebox”) that comprise McKinney Middle School were added as a “temporary” structure in 1988. These buildings are plagued by issues like plumbing problems, obsolete electrical systems, outdated and inefficient heating and ventilation, and limited security options; and they ultimately are not meeting 21st-century educational needs.

Beginning in early 2017, the district initiated a process to thoroughly assess our facilities, examine various options, gather stakeholder input, and develop a plan for moving forward. The resulting plan to address our 7-12 grade facilities now with needed renovations and partial replacement conserves energy, improves safety, and reduces operating costs with modern, efficient systems. It also eliminates significant wasteful spending on costly, piecemeal repairs and takes into account the values, priorities, and perspectives of our Yellow Springs community.

Please take time to explore the information on this site and share it with others. For other questions or for assistance, please contact Superintendent Mario Basora at 937-767-7381.

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The tax issue on the ballot is a combined 4.7-mill property tax and .25-percent income tax.

  • The 37-year property portion would cost less than $14 a month, or about $165 annually, for the owner of a $100,000 home.
  • The 30-year income tax would cost about $100 annually per $40,000 of income.
  • Community members in the phone survey and community meetings strongly supported a combined funding mechanism.
  • The budget for the project would be about $18.4 million.
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The Board of Education engaged in conversations with community members throughout 2017 about the future of school facilities in Yellow Springs to create a facilities plans that would meet the needs of Yellow Springs learners and the community.

The Facilities Plan section of the YS Schools websites contains presentations, meeting summaries, survey results and more. Visit the Facilities Plan page for more details.